Monday, April 12, 2010

Life comes, Life goes...


Live life always, don't forget we get just one shot.
Happyiness is a gift to be treasured lock it up tight in a jar. Remember your roots they will always ground you.
Love can happen just once, when you find it never forget the beginning.
Live in the future not in the past, remember who can make you laugh when your down, go to quite place every once and while it will help you smile.
Death haunts us all but when it happens it makes everyone else stronger and gives the lucky ones second chances.
People never really leave you , just by with the changes of the wind.
Memories can stay with you and hold you when you sleep alone.
The future is bright, we may leave others behind and carry on but we never forget.
Chase your dream and when you get it, hold it with both hands..

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