Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home sweet home

I have landed, jet lag has lifted and the sun is shining. So beautiful at home this time of year.
Greeted by old faces and family, plenty of long evenings in the garden and late strolls around the lake.
Watched the sun set over the Irish sea on the longest day of the year,for the first time in almost 2 years, such a special moment.
I have settled into drinking coffee in my friends cafe The Sweet Pea every morning which always makes me feel like I'm in France or Europe, and borrowed a bike for solo adventures around the village.
So many memories already and we have only been home a week.
Roll on a wedding, a birthday, and a small stay over in Londres with amazing friends .. Happy days ahead x

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go paint the town red Maya Hayuk

Wow love this artist, beautiful use of colour and is so fresh and youthful I would love one of these paintings in my front room.
Lovin your work Maya Hayak.

A poem for your thoughts

Words I have written, returning home, love and somewhere in between x

Army Indian

Embrace your inner Indian, rock it with Khaki shirts and all things green, add feathers to your head band, sleep in Tee-pees on a Monday night and watch the stars. Be free spirited, run around in fields with friends. Most of all embrace your youth, we only have it once, hold hands, tell stories round camp fires and just learn to be you.

Life though a Fish Eye

For my boyfriends birthday gift I bought him a Fish Eye camera, it's such a cool camera, you wind your film on, aim and shoot... I went and picked up the photo's this morning it felt like Christmas..
The images are so much fun and what an amazing way to make the ordinary extraordinary..
Lomography you have stolen my heart and I fear from now on digital just doesn't sufis..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last of the Polaroids

For my boyfriends birthday we had a beautiful dinner party and I managed to win some polaroid film on Ebay, as I can't buy them any where in Brisbane. They are so much fun and really make that memory instant. Roll on summer in England so I can snap you up .

Hang it up

I have been decking out my sun room and made this wall of inspiration to brighten up a shabby white wall. Now I can see lovely things all day long ..

I really did it..

I jumped out of a plane at 11000 feet on saturday, A gift from a friend to take me well out of my comfort zone. I jumped and landed a more alive person than I was before. Sky diving is a scary beautiful thing that I shall never do again , but I will never forget that feeling of freedom as long as I live. Thanks Pretty you are a beautiful soul x