Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The wonderer returns

I'm getting itchy feet, only 5 weeks till I get to go home. Its been nearly 2 years since i have been back and I just know it will be different, people grow and change, places smell different, your favorite coffee shop moves.
I lived with heat and beaches, new adventures, opening my heart to new people, made a home, bought a cat, painted my house, but it's been too long , I have finally let myself think about home and what i really need from it upon my return.
I'm ready to get a cuddle from my mum, to eat my Nan's Welsh cakes, to walk to Hilbre Island, drink tea at The Sweet Pea, play Back Gammon in my dad's kitchen, play with my Nephew, welcome my little Niece into the world, drink wine with the girls, walk the streets of Brick Lane, Hit Topshop-( Oh how I miss the), dance on my beach and gather round the fire, Listen to Allan sing those beautiful songs, Read my book on the Promenade, Walk in the woods, and most importantly just be with my loved ones, as time travels to fast .
So I will keep adding to wish list for home adventures, and with those memories I will keep them wrapped up tight in a jar until the next time..

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